Sabine Kathriner

Lightness meets femininity

Images and texts by Sabine Kathriner

The exhibition is a symbiosis of different thematic areas. The artist combines the world of the human body in love, partnership and femininity with the spiritual world of nature, fairies, angels and elves in lightness and joie de vivre ... Images and texts for wonderful moments of happiness.

  • colourful & varied
  • exciting & relaxing
  • wonderful & imaginative

New in this exhibition - The fairies of the four elements

Sabine Kathriner - born in the Ruhr area - graphic design studies in Dortmund - since 2005 living in the Eifel - for 3 decades creative as independent graphic designer, copywriter, artist & illustrator

Wood Art & Cabaret - Fantasy Travels & Stories - Painted & Printed - Meditative Painting & Seminars - Eifelspirit ·

Admission to the art exhibition is included in the admission price of the unique crib exhibition ArsKrippana!

Opening hours: daily from 10 - 18 o'clock - Mondays rest day