Ars-Shona - African art awakens the soul in stone.

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The exhibition

The works of art of the sculptors of the Shona people from Zimbabwe are completely handmade.

The artists do not use any machines to cut or grind the stone. They only use a gas lamp to heat the stone before polishing certain parts of it, which results in the green one for the serpentine stone and the green one for the serpentine stone.

black effect for the harder and more precious "Springstone". The artwork arises from a close dialogue between the raw material and the creator.

In this animistic society every object, every element has its own soul. This view of things is basically the exact opposite of the view of our Western materialistic civilization.

The stone "chooses" its sculptor! It is not the artist who dominates matter. On the contrary, the stone shows him the direction, imposes his will on him, sets his limits. 0er artist works without a sketch. The special exhibition in the ArsKRlPPANA shows works of art of all styles.

"Everything I need to know about Africa, I find in these sculptures."

Pablo Picasso.