Ars Krippana

The largest crib exhibition in Europe


A miracle world of nativity scene art at any time of the year

Heavenly sounds are in the air, sparkling stars shine in the sky tent - enjoy the quiet grace of a very special crib exhibition. With more than 2500 m2 in awe-inspiring atmosphere, the ArsKrippana is one of the largest and most impressive collections in Europe. Let yourself be enchanted by wonderful nativity scene art and traditional craftsmanship from over 60 countries - and not only at Christmas time.

Crib art from all over the world - a voyage of discovery through times and cultures-

We invite you to take a magical journey through the different continents to discover the tradition of the crib that has developed all over the world. Each country has its own characteristics, beliefs, influences and cultural rules:

All these elements flow into the different conceptions in the representation of Christ's birth.

A thousand ideas for a single theme!

For many centuries, this popular tradition has been tirelessly kept alive. From the African nativity scenes to the Spanish nativity scenes, with a view of the Asian Child Jesus passing by, and not forgetting the Provençal Santons (nativity figures), we want to preserve a contemporary and multicultural view of the nativity scene!

Experience a multitude of different exhibits, including important landscape cribs, mechanical cribs, a large windmill crib, a crib of the pope, a crèche with animated animals, entire landscapes and scenarios with cribs from all over the world and an outdoor crib with living animals.

Can we not see in all these works the symbol of the united family, a haven of peace and community, where everyone feels confident and safe? The stable, the grotto, that is the shelter, the refuge that protects the intimacy of the family.

A universal and timeless structure.

How it all began - One of the largest nativity scene exhibitions in Europe!

The history of the ArsKrippana "began" as early as 1912, when the great-grandfather of today's operator opened the railway line to Losheim at this very location. Over the years a railway station and an inn were built, with a lot of history in 1979, but 25 km away, the first Krippana was opened in the tranquil courtyard near Monschau. Three creative hobby crib builders created a wonderful concept, which had existed until 1987, but then came to an end due to the old operators and the exhibition rooms - and found a new beginning in Losheim.
In 1989 the new KRIPPANA opened - the beginning for something completely new - 30 years of DEVELOPMENT.

  • Development that life wrote
  • Development that shapes life
  • Development that needs living
  • KRIPPANA Place of encounter