Socially critical Christmas cribs by Frau Kohnen

Interesting works that criticize society and inspire reflection.

MARIA KOHNEN - born 1931- resident in Viersen Süchteln

She has always been interested in art, but never considered becoming an artist herself. Only after her full life as a working housewife and mother, in her well-deserved retirement, did she begin to model. She acquired the necessary craftsmanship in courses at the family training centre, and everything else she acquired herself.

How she discovered the world of cribs for herself

One day Mrs. Kohnen became aware of the crib exhibition Ars KRIPPANA through a newspaper advertisement. She was very impressed by a visit and the manifold representation of the birth of Christ.

. . . In 1998 she heard about a competition . . .

the theme "A ship is coming to us".

the artist realized in her own way and manner

. . . . .and her first manger was born . . .

But not only that, she took first place directly,

that was the beginning of an unusual new crib art.

There are many idyllic, romantic and light-filled nativity scenes,

she wanted more and different. Her exhibits do without decorative accessories, what counts is the statement. Her concern is to draw attention to the injustices of our world, to the people in all their facets, with all their strengths and also mistakes. In your award-winning cribs you will always find both . . . good and evil . . . bright and dark . . . Light and shadow . . . Larded with the wonderful and quite provocative idea of an encounter with Jesus in this day and age.

The small works of art are controversially discussed, No. 2 even had to leave an exhibition site once.

But see for yourself, Ars KRIPPANA presents 5 social-critical cribs by the artist Maria Kohnen, your works make you think . . . to take a closer look. . . to empathize with . . . to go into yourself . . .